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Your choice of five great games!
the Rock Cycle Card Game
A Game about Sound
States of Matter
the card game
of living things
Who's Got the Bones?
a game about vertebrates and invertebrates
No set-up time required.
Just deal the cards and play.
Students can play independently.
Cards are color coded to ensure that the correct cards are played at the right time.
Limited time?
Great for those 10 extra minues you don't want to waste.  Perfect for students who finish an assignment early or as a reward at the end of a good day.
High Quality
Each card is plastic coated for durability.  Actual photographs are used to enhance learning.
Created by a fellow teacher.
Used successfully in the classroom with real students.  They love them!!! 
Tap into your students' multi-intelligences.
  • Verbal/Linguistic intelligence   Basic science information is written on each card.  As cards are played in the normal course of the game, students read the information out loud to reinforce learning.  This repetition greatly enhances retention of knowledge.
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence   Cards are played in logical sequences that mimic the cycles and associations that occur in real life.
  • Visual/Spatial intelligence   Actual photographs are printed on each card to provide realistic visual reinforcement of concepts. 
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence Students get to hold, touch and feel the information they are learning.  They get to physically sort cards and actively move as they lay their cards down while playing. 
  • Interpersonal intelligence   Students interact with each other in small groups while playing these games.  They learn to “read” others, using nonverbal clues to determine what cards others might be holding. 
  • Naturalist intelligence   While playing these card games, students recognize and learn to categorize things into their scientific classifications. 


Rock-On, the Rock Cycle Card game

Just $9.50 per deck!
no additonal fees for
shipping and handling
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I am a National Board Certified teacher in Northern Virginia. I'm very excited about several card games I invented to help students learn about basic science concepts related to the Rock Cycle, Sound, Matter, Kingdoms of Living Things, and Vertebrates/ Invertebrates.  These games are very easy to play and can be played in a short period of time. You can use them as a hands-on tool to complement your science unit.  They are also the perfect, fun, quick way to review before taking state assessment exams such as the Virginia SOL, North Carolina EOG, or Texas TAKS.  Each card is plastic coated for durability.  For the visual learner, actual photographs reinforce the concepts presented.  Best of all, students don't have to know the concepts before they play.  The cards are color coded to ensure the right card is being played at the right time.  Students learn the science concepts almost by accident.  The more they play, the more they learn.
I know your students will love to play these games as much as mine have! 
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Leanne Thomas
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