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Three basic States of Matter

Interactive States of Matter Smartboard Activity
Interactive Vertebrate Invertebrate Smartboard Activity
Interactive Fractions Smartboard Lesson



Free SMART-Board Lessons

FREE: A SMART-board Notebook lesson about the three basic States of Matter. Reviews the concepts of solid, liquid, gas, melt, evaporate, condense, and solidify (freeze). Includes interactive sorts, definitions, an original card game created by Leanne Thomas, and a quiz.

FREE: SMART-board Notebook lesson about basic Fractions. 20 pages. Introduces the concepts of one half, line of symmetry, one third, and one fourth. Includes two interactive sorts, three pages to practice concepts, and accompanying worksheets. Developed to meet Virginia Grade One SOL Objective 1.3 (The student will identify parts of a region that represents fractions for halves, thirds, and fourths, and write the fractions.) However, this could be used to introduce fractions at any level.

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