States of Matter

the card game

For players age 8 to adult.


2 - 6 players per deck



How It Works

Each deck consists of 60 cards: 12 Solid , 12 Liquid, 12 Gas, 6 Melt, 6 Evaporate, 6 Condense, 6 Solidify (Freeze). Cards are played in an order to simulate the changes matter goes through inthe real world.

Cards are color coded to ensure that the correct card is played at the right time. Real photos enhance learning.

States of matters


How to Play

- Deal seven cards to each player.

- Put stack in middle face down (draw pile).

- Turn up one card (discard pile).

- Players in turn must discard the same kind of card (Solid, Liquid, or Gas) as the turned up card until someone changes the color with the correct green card.

- For example, if a Solid card is down, play another Solid card or a Melt card. After a Melt card, the next person must play a Liquid card. The color squares help you to play the correct card.

- If the first card down is a green card, play a card of the same color as the right-hand square at the bottom of the card.

- Read the card as you put it down. For example, for a Melt card say "Add heat energy to melt a solid into a liquid".

- If you do not have a card to play, pick one from the draw pile. You may play that card if it is right. If it's the wrong card, say "pass" and the next person goes.

- The first person to put down all of his/her cards wins.

silence card